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Wild West Shepherds

PUBLISHER: Wild Boys Studios

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The Wild West Shepherds is a western style shepherd game that takes you on a cunning and funny adventure. To win this game, you must understand all the characters' abilities and observe carefully.

In each round, players take a new character card that will help them to collect sheep. The game ends at the close of a round in which a player has 11 sheep or more. The player with the most sheep wins the game.

In each round, set 4 location cards as shepherd locations facing down on the table. Starting with the player with Headman’s character card. He looks at 2 location cards first and announces the number of wolves. But the wolf in sheep clothing may count as 1 or 0. After Headman announcing the number of wolves, each player looks at one location card and chooses a location to put his own cowboy meeple on it.

Scoring: when everyone has done, reveal all character and location cards. Scores are tallied for each location. Players put their own cowboy meeple on a location with wolves may lose sheep, or a location with sheep may collect sheep. But character ability will impact the result: Hunter cannot effect by wolves and collect sheep base on wolf number, Turkey Mama snatches all the sheep, Banker takes double of the sheep, and so on.

  • 31 Location Cards
  • 16 Character Cards (8 English / 8 Chinese)
  • 7 Player Cards
  • 7 Cowboy Meeples
  • 1 Wild Token
  • 3 Shepherd's Field Tokens
  • 60 Point Tokens
  • Rules Booklet

Players 4-7
Playtime 20-30 min
Age 10+
Publisher Wild Boys Studios
Year Published 2016
Designer Martin Kuan
Category American West, Bluffing, Card Game, Humor, Party Game
Mechanism Betting and Bluffing, Variable Player Powers
Wild West Shepherds

Wild West Shepherds

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