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Sick Boardgame of Karma

PUBLISHER: Homosapiens Lab

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Try to survive in Sick Boardgame of Karma! Each player starts with a hand of two karma cards, along with a character card that bears a unique power. Two karma cards start face up in play next to the deck.

On a turn, either reveal a card from the deck and place it next to any other face-up cards or take a face-up card into your hand. When you flip a card, if this type of card isn't already in play, then carry out the effect on the card; if another copy of this card is face up, take both cards into your hand. Karma explosion! If you have six or more cards in hand, you're eliminated from the game!

When you draw and reveal a Mahesvara's Judgment card, choose the player to your left or right, then draw a card from their hand and place it on the table. If that card is already visible, then both cards are discarded from play and that player is eliminated from the game! If that card isn't present, then the player now has a smaller hand size and has escaped judgment.

One of the effects on the karma cards is to grant a player Mahesvara's blessing. If a player collects three of these tokens, they win the game instantly! Otherwise the last player still in the game wins.

Description taken from BoardGameGeek.

Players 2-6
Playtime 10 min
Age 8+
Publisher Homosapiens Lab
Year Published 2018
Designer Chih-Fan Chen, Lin Chen Yu
Category Card Game, Comic Book / Strip
Mechanism Player Elimination, Push Your Luck
Sick Boardgame of Karma

Sick Boardgame of Karma

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