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Royal Warrant

PUBLISHER: Power9 Games

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Set during the Edo period, Royal Warrant pits the player merchants against one another in a castle town rules by a tiger lord. Players need to bribe influential people with their five bidding tokens (numbered 1-5) in order to acquire goods and deliver them to samurai.

Publisher's summary: Players will be merchants of the animal land in fictional Japanese Edo era. In this game, they compete for the leader position. Each player has chips that are assigned value of 1-5 and they bid a chip, hiding the value each round.

In turn, each player puts a chip on any area of the board. After each player has put all their five chips on the board, the value of chips are revealed and the totals compared in each area. The player who put the highest value can use the special effect of the area. The effects are various. For example, you can get goods, you can win victory points, and so on. Once six rounds are over, the player with the most victory points is the winner.

Description taken from Board Game Geek.
Players 3-4
Playtime 30-45 min
Age 10+
Publisher Power9 Games
Year Published 2015
Designer ?? ?? (Iwasaki Yoshitaka)
Artist ?? ?? (Namiki Kazama), ??? ?? (Tori Hasegawa)
Category Fantasy
Mechanism Auction/Bidding
Royal Warrant

Royal Warrant

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