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Richest Rascal

PUBLISHER: h.o.e.l

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Richest Rascal is a card game with the theme of distribution of toys by bully.

Players compete in the era of the Showa era in Japan somewhere in the town and become the strongest bully in town as much as possible. That way boasts the toys you bought. The person who won the toy gains victory point and triumph. The strongest bully boasts a toy and other bullies play a toy. According to the rules, strongest bully choose "best friend". And we will allocate 3 to 4 toys that came into play with the strongest bully and best friend. This is an interesting point of this game. When the strongest bully choose to allocate, the strongest bully assign friends and friends toys that they like. And my friend of mind chooses to accept it or to stream it. If accepted, each person can make their own toy, but when flowing it will be assigned for the next round. Too much unfair distribution may be rejected. Conversely, if a leader chooses to distribute it to a friend of a friend, a friend of mind assigns the toy to the two groups.
The leader picks whatever they like, best friend will get the rest group. It will not flow at this time. While repeating this, I will arrange the toys acquired in the individual's space in descending order of the big points, but at the moment, the same kind of toys can only be obtained at the top. In other words, as the game progresses, even the same card will have different value for each player, so many distributions will be made. In addition, "Opposite state" which puts down the point counting method at the bottom, "Insolence state" which exchanges the most important toy with your toy with the toy that you put out, score bonus which can be gotten if you collect 3 or more toys lose. If you collect three or more toys, you can earn points. Bonuses are not easy to win. In the case of three players, it is a game of nine rounds. In the case of 4 people, it is a game of 8 rounds. Therefore, the final stage will come soon. It's about 10 to 20 minutes in one game, but as it is too bad it will tend to be once again.
In addition, the strongest bully chooses the strongest bully of the next round from other than myself or best friend, so players with lower points are more likely to become the strongest bully. The interesting aspect of this game is still how to do distribution. As the strongest bully, it is the maximum profit that other parties accept it as you like, but it is also greatly affected by the character of best friend and the conditions of already acquired toys. If you distribute it to your best friend, you can benefit from each other without toys flowing, but reading whether or not you can win is a difficult decision.

Description taken from Board Game Geek.
Players 3-4
Playtime 10-30 min
Age 14+
Publisher h.o.e.l
Year Published 2017
Designer Sotogamo Nakiku
Artist Watanabe Chieko
Category Children's Game, Fighting
Mechanism Trick-taking
Richest Rascal

Richest Rascal

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