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Nightmare Castle

PUBLISHER: Swan Panasia

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You are Trapped in a vampire’s castle. The vampire will be back in an hour. If you don’t want to be the vampire’s next meal, try to successfully match eight pairs of magic items that enchant the castle’s gate and escape!

On the table there are 16 face-down cards (8 items in two colours). The aim of the game is to discover all pairs of cards cards (like in a Memory) within 12 rounds. In his turn, a player has to choose one of two things: observe cards or indicate two identical cards. In the first action, after having inspected two cards, he can also share his discovery with other players, but only in two ways. Where are the cards with the same color, or where are the cards with the same items. The second action, which is an indication of two cards, after the proper indications I am allowed to take another action immediately. So the game can be won in the last round, provided that will indicate correctly 8 pairs in a row. In the case of incorrect reference the team has to take one token of blood. Three tokens of blood causes loss of the game. You also lose the game, if you are not be able to discover all card in 12 rounds.

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Overall, for a few bucks this is a really nice filler that plays in about 15 min and fits in a small carry-on bag. - Johan Vorster
Players 3-6
Playtime 15 min
Age 10+
Publisher Swan Panasia
Year Published 2015
Designer Chu-Lan Kao
Artist ???, ???
Category Deduction, Party Game
Mechanism Cooperative Game
Nightmare Castle

Nightmare Castle

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