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M 80

PUBLISHER: Hacko Games

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[It’s time to bust out the fireworks, but be careful. You don’t want an M80 to explode in your hand, you will lose it. They are powerful little things. Players take turns playing a card on a players hand, Follow the rules of the cards to see what happens. The goal of the game is to acquire the most points by the end of the game. There is a chance to secure points with the dud card, but other than that whatever you have in your hand at the end will be your score. You must watch out for the M80, they empty your hand. Enjoy and remember, fireworks are not toys!. Set things on fire responsibly!

Set Up:

  • The last person to light a firecracker goes first. That person chooses a dealer.
  • Deal 4 cards to each player and everyone discards 1

Form a discard pile next the remainder of cards which is now the draw pile.

  • Each player will organize the cards in their hand and hold then face up in front of them. Only the top card will be visible. The game consists of always showing one card from your hand while the rest of your hand is underneath.

The person to go first will decide on who will get the first card. They may choose themselves or any other player.

  • They will draw one card from the draw pile and give it to that person face up so everyone can see.

That card is to be played on the card showing in that players hand.

  • If it’s a match, it lights a firework showing as the action on the card goes into effect.
  • If it’s a lighter, the player gets to decide on the card in the other persons hand they wish to act on, but they don’t get to look, just announce. Ex. 2nd card, 3rd card down.
  • if it’s a firework card it goes on the top of the pile in that player’s hand.
  • a match or lighter played on a match or lighter just gets added to that player’s hand with no action.
  • The player who was chosen will go next. (You could keep choosing yourself, but there are M80’s in the deck that will wipe you out).

Play continues until there are no more cards to draw. The cards left in your hand at the end of the game are totalled and scored. if you have any cards in front of you as result of the dud, you add them to your hand total and that’s your score. The highest score wins. If a tie, the player with the most of the highest point value cards wins.]

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There's a bit of  a Russian roulette feel to it, because you have to name the person who is going to get the card before you draw it. Are you going to hinder yourself? Or help your opponents? - Bearded Meeple

M80 is a fun little micro game that immediately caused some laughter at the table... It's simple, colorful and easily understood. - Johan Vorster

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Publisher Hacko Games
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M 80

M 80

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