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Los Tesoros del Rey Pirata


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The Pirate King is gone. Now the most seasoned crews sail the seas in search of the buried booty. Who will be crowned as the new Pirate King or Queen? Who will sink in the cruel storm of bullets and blades?

In Los Tesoros del Rey Pirata ("Treasures of the Pirate King") the players are pirates collecting treasure cards which will grant points. The pirate with most point wins the game and is named the new Pirate King or Queen.
The board has 12 islands in a 5x7 grid. 3 map cards will show which of these islands the players can go to claim the treasures. In their turn, players can also fight each other in duels, to steal treasures, and opening fire, to steal cards from their hand. There’s also treason cards that can be used to mess other player’s plans but these can be countered with protection cards.
The main mechanism is that most actions require a number. Dice imprinted in the cards are used to assign this number to be assign. The die used can be chosen from a card from the hand, therefor be a known number, or use the first card from the deck and be a random one. Cards used as a die are discarded and don’t have additional effects.
Players 2-4
Playtime 20-45 min
Age 10+
Publisher Ludoismo
Year Published 2017
Designer Pablo Céspedes, Víctor Hugo Cisternas
Artist Dan Rodriguez
Category Pirates
Mechanism Grid Movement, Hand Management, Set Collection, Variable Phase Order
Los Tesoros del Rey Pirata

Los Tesoros del Rey Pirata

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