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Kitsune Switch


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[Kitsune Switch is an UNO-like card game with hidden identity mechanism. Players are dealt a role card which is Human, Fox, or the Fox Spirit, and a battle is fought between Humans and the Fox Spirit. Foxes are fluid; they ally with the Fox Spirit if it exists, otherwise they ally with Humans.

The game is played like UNO; players take turns playing a card which has the same color or number as the top card of discard pile. Each time a card is played, its effect is activated. Players could be forced to change their roles or even eliminated from the game.

The game ends when a player gets rid of all cards in their hand, in which case that player wins the game. All of that player's allies win together, but only if there is opposing side of the winner. The game also ends when the deck runs out, in which case the side with the fewer total value in their hands wins the game if there are two sides. Otherwise the player with the fewest total value in their hand wins the game. Sometimes you are required to co-operate to win as a team, but you win anyway if you go out. It is an effective strategy to focus on winning alone.]

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Players 3-6
Playtime 25-30 min
Age 8+
Publisher Kocchiya
Year Published 2017
Designer ?? (Yuo)
Artist Tenryoji Sena (?????), Tsukimoto Aoi (???), ????? (Kotori Neiko)
Category Card Game, Fantasy
Mechanism Hand Management, Team-Based Game
Kitsune Switch

Kitsune Switch

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