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Gem c'Rocks

PUBLISHER: Takamagahara

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Gifu, of the kingdom, they have big and many gem mines. It’s called “The sea of Gems”. The kingdom has just one scraper, named “Bagar” by the king. The Bagar is too big, so the king need to wait for 10 years. But the power is the top of the world.

Once, the four countries adjust Gifu has the celebrations with the same time. Kusatsu, the trade city has the new king. Ishikawa, the shrine in the fog has the beautiful but fascinating maiden. Suzuka, the silver grass plain, the prince merge with the noble woman. Aichi, the natural country has the hero. The Gifu king say “The Gifu strives for the gift to the countries. The Bagar runs, and I will have the auctions for the ores of gems!”.

The players are the merchants for the gems. So they get the ores, and make the gems. It will be the excellent gift for the other countries. However it’s not the normal auctions. The auctions are made in the Bagar. So the players must go the digging site, must carry the money on the carriege with the horse. So that, the money is limited. Who make the best gift for the other countries?

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Players 3-5
Playtime 60 min
Age 10+
Publisher Takamagahara
Year Published 2013
Designer Kenichi Tanabe
Artist Azuma Azuma
Category Fantasy
Mechanism Auction/Bidding, Set Collection
Gem c'Rocks

Gem c'Rocks

inkl. MwSt.
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