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Cat Artists

PUBLISHER: Takamagahara

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There are seven cats with the artist of the cat lover. The cats are very active in the house. One day, he sleeps without closing the door of the studio. "The door is openned into the closed room now!" Cats dive into the studio. Cats are walking over the palette and paints, and full the footprints in the studio. Almost like the artist.

The players keep the hand as possible! The turn player puts the card one by one in three locations, and then draw the cards. However, the player can draw only the number of the matched color with the played cards at each location. When the hand is two cards or less, the player drops out from the round, and receive the penalty card. When the player collects the specific set of the penalty cards at the end of rounds, the game is ended. The winner is the player with the fewest number of penalty cards.

  • 84 footprint cards (in 7 colors)
  • 2 expansion cards (rainbow)
  • 1 rules sheet

This is a nice filler between two heavier games. It played quickly and the rules are really simple, as the set-up is. - Stéphane Athimon
Players 3-6
Playtime 30 min
Age 6+
Publisher Takamagahara
Year Published 2009
Designer Kenichi Tanabe
Artist Peke (??)
Category Animals, Card Game
Mechanism Set Collection
Family Visual Arts
Cat Artists

Cat Artists

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