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Board Game Cafe Frenzy

PUBLISHER: The Wood Games

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From Tokyo Game Market 2019! Includes limited edition Neko Cafe Card! 

Board Game Cafe Frenzy is a tactical trick-taking game that consists of two phases, "Preparing" and "Opening the Door", with each phase lasting ten turns. In the "Preparing" phase, each player buys a card from the market each turn, and cards come in five types: board game, snack, clerk, store, and wi-fi. Each kind of card gives you different items that are important for managing your board game café.

During each turn of the "Opening the Door" phase, each player plays a card from their hand that they acquired during the first phase; players must play a different color than what's already been played, with higher numbers also being important. Hope that you prepared well! At the end of a turn, each player can use one action disk from their action bar to perform one specific action. After this phase ends, players undergo a final scoring, then add their coins to see who has the most money and has won the game.

Try to find the right balance between all the elements needed for a café!
Players 2-5
Playtime 30-60 min
Age 10+
Publisher The Wood Games
Year Published 2019
Designer Citie Lo
Artist Citie Lo
Category Card Game
Mechanism Auction/Bidding, Trick-taking, Worker Placement
Family Crowdfunding: Zeczec
Board Game Cafe Frenzy

Board Game Cafe Frenzy

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