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Planet Defenders

PUBLISHER: EmperorS4 Games

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In 2070s, robots are widely used in the world. One day, a group of disposed robots suddenly recharge themselves and act without control! As the leading scientist in RobotTech, your Planet Defenders are called upon to duty! Now, send your robots out to get them!

In Planet Defenders, players pay batteries to control the three defenders, moving them among the planets and collecting energies. Players can enhance their actions by spending energies or batteries to upgrade their technology. They earn the research points (RP) by catching the disposed robots in outer space and by collecting technology cards.

When robots from two different piles are depleted, complete the current round so that all players have an equal number of turns. The player with the highest RP wins.


Planet Defenders is a terrifically sweet and delicious, fast-playing, fast-paced game that provides plenty of interesting decision points to keep engagement levels high when in the mood for a light-hearted diversion. - Milena Guberinic

It was fun, engaging, and it was also not heavy and short. Those are the kind of euro games that I enjoy playing a lot. - Sam Healey, Dice Tower

Players 2-4
Playtime 30-60 min
Age 10+
Publisher EmperorS4 Games
Year Published 2016
Designer Wei-Min Ling
Artist Maisherly, Paul Tseng
Category Economic, Science Fiction
Mechanism Card Drafting, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Set Collection
Planet Defenders

Planet Defenders

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