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PUBLISHER: EmperorS4 Games

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In Northern Venice lies the isle of Burano, known for bright houses and a vibrant fishing industry. While the men are out fishing, the women stay at home and make beautiful lace. Families of the Middle Ages would carefully balance these tasks, competing for glory and gold on the markets of Europe.

Burano is an economic Euro game for 2-4 players. Actions for each of the 14 rounds are selected and planned using an innovative 'cube pyramid' system. The game includes several interlocking elements and rewards players who are able to plan two steps ahead.


  • 1 rules book

  • 1 action board

  • 48 roof tiles

  • 1 main island board

  • 18 dock houses

  • 4 season markers

  • 120 cube houses

  • 12 lace workshops

  • 6 action color markers

  • 1 round marker

  • 4 merchant ships

  • 33 coins

  • 48 fish cards

  • 16 building cards

  • 4 player boards

  • 16 schedule ring pieces

  • 52 worker tokens

  • 1 starting player marker

  • 4 time wheels

  • 4 fishing boat tokenss

For gamers who:

  • Don't mind a significant set-up

  • Love figuring out weighty Euro systems

  • Aren't intimidated by a bunch of cardboard components

  • Enjoy economic games with just the right level of theme and luck


See our full review here.

Just a lot of neat things here, and it just feels so meaty and enjoyable. And it's not meaty for the sake of being meaty - it actually seems to all fit together in a very cohesive whole. - Tom Vasel, Dice Tower

Burano is a deceptive game; it looks like a happy, colorful, family-friendly romp through a Venetian vacation. It is not. It is a heavy game of clever planning and tactical maneuvering. - Milena Guberinic

I loved this game. It was stylish, compelling and engaging in turns. - Angelus Morningstar

Players 2-4
Playtime 90-120 min
Age 12+
Publisher EmperorS4 Games
Year Published 2015
Designer Yu-Chen Tseng, Eros Lin
Artist Huan-Lung Lo
Category City Building
Mechanism Action Points, Area Majority / Influence, Pick-up and Deliver, Point to Point Movement, Set Collection
Family 3D Games, Cities: Venice (Veneto, Italy), Country: Italy, Crowdfunding: Spieleschmiede, Visual Arts: Fiber Crafts


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