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Rising 5: Collector's Art Edition

PUBLISHER: Mandoo Games

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[Find the lost runes and save the planet Asteros!

A long, long time ago, the ancient King of Asteros confined the brutal monsters in the Rune Gate and sealed it with four divine runes. But five days ago, a mysterious evil power opened the gate and changed the code. Asteros is haunted by fear and disasters again! The wise leader ORAKL asked the Council of United Planets and they sent four famous agents: EKHO, HAL, ELLI and NOVA. ORAKL the wise and the four brave agents begin to fight against the evil powers to save Asteros. They must find the Code to reset the Gate and confine the monsters again. People call them "Rising 5", hoping they will be able to restore peace on the planet. 

Rising 5: Runes of Asteros is a co-operative deduction and adventure game with a mobile phone application or a game master. Players must find the answer Code with the four Runes in the right arrangement before the evil power devours the planet. Players can explore the planet to collect energy or clues and to fight against evil monsters. When players try to unlock the code, the App or the game master will give signs that lead to right code.

If players successfully find the code, they win; if the Darkness Level reaches the Red Moon because of the evil monsters or if the Character card deck is exhausted, the players lose the game.]

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Players 1-5
Playtime 15-25 min
Age 12+
Publisher Mandoo Games
Year Published 2017
Designer Gary Kim, Evan Song
Artist Vincent Dutrait
Category Adventure, Deduction, Electronic, Puzzle, Science Fiction
Mechanism Action Points, Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers
Family Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
Rising 5: Collector's Art Edition

Rising 5: Collector's Art Edition

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