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Fantasy Defense: The Stone King

PUBLISHER: Nice Game Publishing

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The Stone King is a campaign expansion to Fantasy Defense, adding new units, scenarios and rules that twist the battle in new directions. You can't just open the box and play with everything immediately; instead, the Stone King Campaign is divided into eight hidden chapters, each building on the last. Each chapter is printed with the unlock condition that must be met before players can open it.

Inside each chapter, you'll always find the same two types of cards: The story card reveals the world of Fantasy Defense, with notes and snippets that drive the narrative forward; the rules card introduces new mechanisms and concepts, so you can play with all the components you've just unlocked. However, Fantasy Defense isn't a legacy game! When it's all finished, you can return to the original version and play that. You could also put back all cards in their original envelope and start from the beginning — or you can spice things up, mixing and matching different elements as you wish.

The Stone King provides a more varied and challenging experience for those players who have figured out the basic gameplay of Fantasy Defense.
Players 1-2
Playtime 15-20 min
Age 10+
Publisher Nice Game Publishing
Year Published 2017
Designer Yoshiyuki Arai (???????)
Artist Yann Tisseron
Category Adventure, Card Game, Fantasy, Puzzle
Mechanism Cooperative Game, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers
Family Campaign Games, Crowdfunding: Kickstarter, Solitaire Games, Tower Defense
Fantasy Defense: The Stone King

Fantasy Defense: The Stone King

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