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Lisbon, The Gate to the World


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[At the beginning of the Fifteenth Century, "the Age of Discovery" was beginning from Portugal. In Lisbon, the merchants have big dreams. They try to get their big chance as a trader with West Africa. In this time, Europeans didn't know about the Americas, they had just started to trade with West Africa. But in Portugal, the "Dinastia de Avis" supported their merchants for the new area.

Players are merchants. They try to gain influence with the Kings "Joan I", "Duarte I", "Pedro" and "Henrique". The players bring the requested goods from West Africa, Madeira and Azores to the Kings. And they also add crews, get support from others, and collect income in “Reals”.

Each player gets resources by putting their own Crew chips on the West Africa boards. By developing the areas, players offer the goods sought by the Kings. In return, they gain Ships and Adventurers to help them. Players also advance their Nobles along the Lisbon track, building Markets, and collecting Crew. Players also get Support Cards in return for Gold.

Each King will pay out Reals to the best merchants. When all the Kings have paid income, the game ends and players collect a final income and bonuses. The richest player is the winner. Try to be the best merchant in Portugal!

Taken from the publisher's rulebook

Players 2-4
Playtime 60 min
Age 10+
Publisher Colon Arc
Year Published 2015
Designer Kenichi Tanabe
Artist Kawasaki Mina, Kyo Nakayama, ?? (wato)
Category Exploration
Mechanism Area Majority / Influence, Enclosure, Modular Board
Family Cities: Lisbon (Portugal), Country: Portugal
Lisbon, The Gate to the World

Lisbon, The Gate to the World

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