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Bloom in Blizzard

PUBLISHER: Kakubari Books

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Once upon a time, there’s was kingdom nobody knows. Everybody wanted to marry the young, wise, beautiful princess, even though they knew she could be troublesome sometimes. One day the princess said “The man who brings me a handful of these flowers will be my husband”. The “task” the princess proposed wasn’t easy at all for the flower she named was “Gem Flower” which can only be raised in dead-cold weather. Now the battle of suitors has begun.

You’re one of the suitors who gained relative’s support to acquire “Gem Flower”. You are in the coldest county of the nation where you can find “Gem Seeds”. Whoever gathered enough seeds to obtain 2 Flowers(20 Seeds) is the winner.

Players put one of the cards they have face down to determine “Sunity”(The higher the number, the more sun you see) each round. There are numbers from 1 to 50. The “Sunity” will determine which regions will be hit by blizzards. One of the numbers played this round will become current “Sunity”. Once all players played their cards, each player guess current “Sunity” and move one of their player tokens to a region on the game board.

The numbers (10~40) shown on the game board is the required Sunity in order to receive reward from that particular region. The regions with the numbers less than equal to Sunity will be hit by a blizzard. When everyone moved their player tokens, turn all the played cards face up and determine Sunity.

All the player tokens that were hit by blizzards will be removed from the game board and sent back to their hometowns. Players will receive rewards from each player tokens remained on the game board. The number +1~+4 shows how many seeds you can receive from each region. Avoid blizzards by figuring out Sunity and become the first one to acquire Gem Flower!
Players 2-6
Playtime 20-30 min
Age 12+
Publisher Kakubari Books
Year Published
Bloom in Blizzard

Bloom in Blizzard

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