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PUBLISHER: Swan Panasia

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Oh no! The sneaky wolf has entered the farmhouse! He might already have disguised himself as a sheep, a hunter or a hunting dog. In order to confuse the wolf, the hunter and animals in the farmhouse also start to disguise themselves. As a result, nobody can tell each other apart anymore. Meanwhile, the shepherd boy has repeatedly fooled others by crying out "Wooolf! Wooolf!!". So the hunter and the hunting dog have to be careful with the shepherd boy. Everyone has to find out the real identity of others. Will the wolf finally catch the real sheep, or can the sheep find the hunter and the hunting dog who can protect them? 

Wooolf!! is a fast playing deduction game suitable for four to eight players. Each player has two character cards, one of which represents his true identity and the other is only there to cause confusion. Character cards include wolf, sheep, shepherd boy, hunter, and hunting dog. By asking clever questions and drawing the right conclusions, each player tries to make correct suspicions before the other players do. In order to catch the wolf, the shepherd boy will sometimes dress up as hunter, the hunter will disguise as a sheep, the sheep will act like hunting dogs and the hunting dog will put on wolf skin. Use your wits to tell truth from lies in order to be the first to catch the wolf.

  • 16 basic character cards
  • 4 advanced character cards
  • 8 overview cards
  • 16 question cards
  • 8 suspicion boards
  • 8 error tokens
  • 12 question tokens
  • 48 clue tokens
  • 16 score tokens
  • Rules sheet


Very fun, very interesting, and easy to play and teach. - Tom Vasel

Players 4-8
Playtime 30 min
Age 8+
Publisher Swan Panasia
Year Published 2013
Designer Bono Light
Artist Tommy Ng
Category Animals, Bluffing, Card Game, Deduction, Party Game
Mechanism Action Points, Betting and Bluffing, Role Playing, Variable Player Powers
Family Animals: Sheep, Animals: Wolves


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