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Valhalla Scout


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Valhalla Scout is a Japanese card game, for 2 or 3 players, published in English and Japanese.

In the game of Valhalla Scout, players, as Gods in Heaven, scout for warriors for Ragnarok the final battle.

To win the game, players try to predict which faction is dominant in the winning force. There are two forces of warriors: those chosen by Gods and those forsaken. Normally the most powerful faction in the chosen force is dominant. However, the forsaken force prevails if they outnumber the chosen force in headcount, in which case the most powerful faction in the forsaken force is dominant.

Each player initially has four warrior cards, each of which has a color and strength value printed in its face. During your turn, you place one warrior card face-down on either force. One of the other players has two options: accept your decision, or refuse your decision and send the card to the opposite force face-up. Each card has partial information about its identity printed on its back, and some cards have a special ability when refused. You should speculate about what card your opponent placed, and whether the opponent wants you to refuse.

The game ends when each player has one card in hand. Determine the dominating faction in the manner described above. The player who has the strongest card of the dominating faction wins the game.
Players 2-3
Playtime 15-20 min
Age 8+
Publisher Kocchiya
Year Published 2018
Designer ?? (Yuo)
Artist Makoto Takami (??????)
Category Bluffing, Card Game, Fantasy
Mechanism Area Majority / Influence
Valhalla Scout

Valhalla Scout

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