Nice Relaunch And How To Use It

Hey, hey, hey! It's us, we're back... in pog form.

No, it's really us. It's been quite a while since we took the decision to run with all the money in December and bet it in some weird scheme in the Bahamas that included a dog, the next reincarnation of the Dalai Dama and, for some reason, Nicholas Cage. Now we are back to reap the benefits.

PSA: We're opening the shop in the midst of the Corona Crisis. We*re currently still allowed to go to the office to pack games but we*re not sure if that will continue to be the case. As long as the shop remains open all orders placed will be shipped and we'll announce any changes to that policy here or on social media ASAP.

So, as you can see, the shop looks quite different. It looks like a proper store. It was a tough decision, but we felt very limited by our previous choice of software. As customers, you probably didn't notice it, but for us, it was a source of much frustration. The deciphering of weird Japanese games' manuals was our sole consolation.

So, what's new? Well, we have a freaking blog! Hell yeah! Beyond that, the main feature of this new version is the million new ways to sort the games. Our Shop-Master Andreas spent months (those months the rest spent in the Bahamas) tagging and classifying the inventory.

If you go to the full collection, you'll be able to filter things by the number of players, length, price, publisher, how much the designer loves their mom and more. There are also custom collections, based on your input, where you'll find games by country, difficulty, and event, like the games we added from Essen '19.

We also tweaked many of the descriptions and added additional information, so that will hopefully be useful for many of you.

Other than that, the shop is still the same. As a company, we've decided to focus more on the publishing side, as Nic Cage suggested to us, but our store will still be open for now. So enjoy!

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