Free Stay-At-Home-Pack For The Corona Times

Hey everyone, this is the Nice Game Team.

Like everyone else, we've been overwhelmed by the developments of the last few weeks. The Coronavirus has spread around the world and we don’t need to tell you how scary and life-changing this thing is.

We have been hard hit by this thing in our business and it still remains to be seen how deep and lasting the consequences will eventually be for us. But we know that while this is bad for us, it’s much worse and truly tragic for many other people all over the world.

We’re not really in a position to change anything for anyone. But we’ve decided that we want to do what we can to bring some positivity into this situation. And since all over the world, there are now people who are confined to their homes with their families, one of the things we *can* do is give them games to play!

Therefore we’ll be sending out 50 Family Game Packs, free-of-charge in the next month (we'll pay for shipping as well). This is not intended to be a charity program. Everyone who wants to receive the games is free to order the pack.

Update: all the packages have been taken! Wow! We hope you'll all enjoy these games with your families!

All that we ask of you, if you order one of the packs (or not), is the following:

  • Wash your hands often
  • Stay at home
  • Think about how *you* could help

If you have money to spare, please consider donating to a charity or relief fund. We suggest Global Giving's Coronavirus Relief Fund and the UN Refugee Agency.

Let’s get through this together and maybe even make some change for the better from this crisis!

That’s all for now,

Your Nice Game Team

Simon, Ash, Francisco, Loly, Andreas, Daniel and Isa

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  • Melanie On

    Wow nice idea! I guess we are too late.

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