8 board games that feature cats

Of all the ways we could showcase the hundreds of titles we have on the store, somehow the best idea ended up being... the furry little fellas we call today cats.

Full disclosure: I, Francisco, Wizard of Sales of Nice Game Publishing and first of the self-proclaimed Latin Lords, don't even like them. I tend to sneeze a lot around them. And I don't like sneezing. So I'm going to spam this list with cool facts about dogs. Because I like dogs.

So here I am, sitting in the office, thinking of cats. Let me tell you, cats in board games are like explosions in a Michael Bay movie. Very common indeed. Let's see some examples!


For some a dexterity game; for me a cautionary tale about felines getting access to a highly flammable arsenal.

Look at Ash playing it! What happened with those glorious locks, Ash?

Doggofacts #1: did you know that 3 dogs survived the Titanic sinking?

Festival of Thousand Cats

Can you imagine? A thousand cats? Is that another name for hell? Oh, sorry, I'm supposed to be nice to cats in this article. Whatever.

We played this game last year. We loved the art and the simplicity of a pretty straightforward trick-taking game.

Cat Sudoku

Ok, I'm conflicted. I do like sudokus. This is a roll-and-write game that debuted in Essen '19. I'll also concede that the cat illustration is pretty cute. I think it's because it almost looks like a squirrel?

Here's our friend Smoox (best name ever!) explaining the game:

Doggofacts #2: the tallest dog ever measured was 1.118 m!

Cat & Chocolate

You see how sneaky are these publishers! I checked and there's no chocolate in the box! What. The. Fuck.

For real though, this is a story-telling party game that doesn't involve cats or food. Just creativity and the hope that your friends will believe your lying ass.

Cat's Party

Just reading the description makes my lungs cry: "Cat's party is a card-drafting game where each player holds their own party and tries to invite cats."

Pretty simple Japanese card-drafting game, you know the drill. No video of people playing it has been recorded in the history of the world. So, does the game even exists?

Doggofacts #3: dogs have three eyelids!

Frenemy Pastry Party

Also a novelty from Essen '19. It's one of those games so exquisitely illustrated that you just wanna eat it. Even the story is kind of cute: you play as a little furry animal (I'd go 100% of the time for that awesome capibara), gathering resources for baking a cake. It's even playable for kids.

But, as the name indicates, it can become a stab-your-friend party if you want it to.

Cat Artists

Ok, can someone tell me why if aristocratic cats were called "Aristocats", cat artists are not simply called "Catists"? Just saying...

This is also a very quick Japanese filler-game.

Doggofacts #4: a dog’s sense of smell is 1,000 to 10 million times better than yours, so please don't fart around them.

Woof Meow Biscuits

Now we're talking! Cats vs. Dogs, who will collect more biscuits? Dogs, of course. They're smart. You should see my dog, he greets me with his paw and everything. Ah, such a good boy.

This is one of those "silly fun" games. I love how this review on BGG describes it: Overproduced, simplistic garbage. blackjack meets uno, everyone I show it to loves it including me.

And that's it for this list! I'm already feeling weird writing so much about cats, so don't expect your packages to be sent any time soon!

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